Currently looking to fill the following areas:
  • Runway Models
  • Spokes models
  • Tv Commercials models
  • Prints

Areas we serve:

  • We cover Palm Springs Area, RIverside, LA, San Diego, Southern and Northern California


We understand that everybody is different and each designer's tastes will be different when looking for a model for their collection. We listen to our clients and tailor our books and catalogue of models to their specific needs.

We meet all potential models in a relaxed and calm environment and take time to get to know them, understand their goals and take test shots to review their potential and suitability for our clients.
Our team are fully trained and attend regular training courses to keep up to date with trends, techniques and styles. We welcome all new clients and are confident our catalogue of models will suit their vision every time.


Our Testimonials
Always a pleasure working for Versace Models

Denisse Jara 

Instagram @Djaramakeup

"As a photographer I wanted to focus more on the creative process and less on other aspects of production management. When Ursula Versace of Versace models approached me and offered to handle the models, hair and make up, and wardrobe, I was thrilled.  I knew that I was going to be primed to shoot top models in their field, draped in high end couture. Ursula is very patient and a good spirit to work with. She cares about your opinion and values the "team" spirit. Ursula knows how to have fun, but is in charge of the entire shoot from start to finish. As a result we were able to come away with some fantastic and powerful images, A BIG thank you to the team at Versace models"

Yasin Chaudhry - Photographer



Deborah Lynn Granillo - @Blo Dry